Brides Name
Grooms Name
E-mail Address:
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
Phone Number:
What we are doing for you on this day
How to contact you
Date of Event
Time of Reception
First Guest expected  to arrive at reception
Bride and Groom expected  to arrive at reception
Planned Ending Time
Number of people Attending
Predominant Age Range
Location of Reception
What are the Colors Of the Day?
Point of Contact
Photographer    Name:
Photographer    Phone:
---------------------------------          Only Complete Blue Music Section if We are Doing Wedding          ----------------------
Location of Wedding
Time of Wedding
Wedding Rehearsal Date and Time
Music for Wedding
We have a variety of instrumental music that we play as the guest are arriving,  unless you have something else you want us to play
Music for Guest Arriving
Up to the DJ
Music for Wedding Party
Music for Bride
This song will only be about 40 seconds long so if you
want it quid at a certain point, Where
Recension Music (as you leave
Up to DJ
---------------------------------------------------------------          Lighting          ------------------------------------------------------------------
We offer a Basic Lighting Package at Reception with our services at no additional cost. However there is upgrades we do offer.
If event is outside during day, or if you wish to have your own lighting or no lighting
No Lighting
This is  A setup of lights that we will set up "AT NO EXTRA COST". It can include dance floor lights, lasers,
and moving head lights.
Basic Lighting
This is a lighted monogram that we project on to the wall with your names and date. It is a special order
and must be paid in advance. It also gives you a glass Gobi (About the size of a quarter) as a keepsake.
We can Spotlight All the Special events at your reception. Entrance, First Dance, Cake Cutting, Your Table.
We try to do this with our basic Package but there is no guarantee we can get it all. It takes allot of time
and programming in advance to get it, and sometimes Requires a second Operate to control.
Up lighting is very elegant and sets a wonderful atmosphere, however it is very expensive. Depending on
the venue we sometimes rent it from a lighting company. If you want this we will include it for you at our
Up Lighting
---------------------------------------------------------------          Music          ------------------------------------------------------------------
Brides Favorite Radio Stations:
Grooms Favorite Radio Stations:
We ask about your favorite radio stations to get a basic feel for the types of music you each enjoy. We will spend a lot of time getting a
good sense of your music preferences. Something to keep in mind in the planning stage is trying to determine not only your preferences,
but to also take into consideration the variety of music that will be most appropriate to ensure that all of your guests, family and friends will
enjoy. As you come up with a list of some of your favorite songs and artists that you may like to hear during the reception, we encourage
you to consider songs that are most conducive to getting people dancing (as opposed to songs that are great to listen to while just hanging
out with friends). We recommend trying to actually picture the atmosphere that each song might create on the dance floor as you list
some of your preferences. We will be happy to be a resource to you in the planning stage to give other ideas and suggestions of music that
might be conducive to facilitating a fun atmosphere on the dance floor. The decision is always ultimately yours. We simply want to provide
as much feedback and suggested options to you as possible to make your reception into the best it can be!
Preference for music as Guest are Arriving at Reception
Types Music
Select all that Apply
CTRL Left Click for Multiple
Smooth Jazz
Easy Listening Love Songs
Soft Vocals
Big Band
[Note: The reason we ask this question below is that we want to absolutely stay away from anything "cheesy." In fact, we do not EVER play
the "Chicken Dance," "Macarena," "Hokey Pokey," etc. Unless those are SPECIFIC requests of the Bride and Groom. Also, we do not ever use
props unless, again, that is a specific request of the Bride and Groom. We do not have to rely on silly songs or toys to get people involved on
the dance floor. Please let us know YOUR preferences so we can cater the atmosphere to YOUR wishes.]

Tell us about things that you have seen at other receptions that you definitely DO NOT WANT at your reception (e.g., things you thought were
too "cheesy," not in good taste, things that made you roll your eyes and say to yourself, "I don't
EVER want something like that at MY reception!", etc.):
---------------------------------------------------------          The Reception          ------------------------------------------------------------
We will then come out to gather the wedding party and anyone else that is going to be introduced. We will line everyone up, go over the
names again, the order, the pronunciation, and give instructions as to where people should walk, where they should stand after entering, etc.]

Introduction music: We recommend and normally play a fun, up-tempo song for introductions. Is this what you? Would like, or is there
another special song that you would rather us play while introducing the wedding party?
We have did a few wedding that each couple of the wedding party comes in to a different song also.
Introduction Music
Up to DJ
We recommend then playing a high-energy song as the Bride and Groom enter as a way of getting all the guests standing, applauding, and
starting off the reception on a high note. Do you have a preference for the music to be played for this or would you prefer to trust our
judgment as to what might best fit the environment and atmosphere based on your preferences?  Remember only about 30 sec. Of this song
will be played so do you want a Que point?
Please fill in the following information in the order that they are to be introduced and write the names phonetically (don’t worry, nobody will
check your spelling!). This is generally the order in which introductions are done but we can certainly re-order this to your wishes if you
would like:
Parents of Bride
Grand Parents of Bride
Parents of Groom
Grand Parents of Groom
Brides Maids
Escorted By
Escorted By
Escorted By
Escorted By
Escorted By
Escorted By
Escorted BY
Escorted BY
Flower Girl(s)
Ring Bearer(s)
Maid of Honor
Matron of Honor
Best Man
Bride and Groom to be introduced as: “MR. And MRS.  (Please state exactly how you would like to be introduced.
(Mr.  & Mrs. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Smith, etc.)
Bride and Groom referred to informally by friends and family as:
When introduced, we recommend having the Bride and Groom go directly into their first dance for several
reasons: the guests' attentions are directed to the dance floor, it officially "opens" the dance floor for
other guests who might want to dance during the meal, and it sets the tone from the very beginning that
you want this to be a wonderful celebration. What is your preference
Bride and Groom will:

go into their first dance;  

go to form a receiving line;

be seated and have the
first dance later (If so,
We would like to dance to
the entire song by

We would like to dance, by
ourselves, to only part of
the song then fade it out
when appropriate.  

We would like the wedding
party to join us part way
through the song.  

We would like all the
guests to join us part way
through the song
Song and Artist For First Dance
We then recommend waiting on any other dances (for example, dances with the parents) until later. Too many of
the  "traditional" dances in a row tend to all blend together
If you are planning on having someone offer a
"Welcome," immediately following the first
dance is an ideal time to do this. Will a
"Welcome" be offered?
If Yes, by whom
If you are planning on having someone offer
a blessing before the food is served, we
recommend having the blessing  offered at
this point. Will a "Blessing" be offered?
If Yes, by whom
Will food be served
to the guests?



for dinner
During the meal, we recommend that the Bride and Groom use that time to make any visits to tables of guests if
that is  something you wish to do. We strongly recommend getting all of your obligatory "visits" done before we
open up the dance floor  after the meal. That way, you as the guests of honor can be visibly involved on the
dance floor so that your guests will come up  to join you. A recommended strategy for this is to have both of you
greet an entire table of guests at a time (as opposed to trying  to go around and greet each person at the table).
Just simple mathematics would show that it would be unrealistic to try to have any meaningful and lengthy "visit"
with each person -- there is simply not enough time to accomplish that in the given time frame that you will likely
have for the reception. Further, when we are trying to get people involved on the dance floor after the meal, it is
going to be counterproductive if you are still visiting tables because people might stay seated because they
don't want to miss if you come back over to their table.
Love songs!
This is a fun idea that makes the mealtime more enjoyable. Instead of the guests just  clinking their glasses to
have the bride and groom kiss, we announce that the tables of guests must sing a verse of a song that  contains
the word “LOVE” to have the Bride and Groom kiss! It creates fun conversations at the tables and is a great way
to  involve the guests in the celebration even while the dinner is going on. Is this something that you would like
us  to include and help coordinate?  Yes;                   No  
Shoe Game!
This is a Fun Activity that we Highly Recommend. It Gets everyone active and involved with the reception. The
Bride and Groom sit back to back and has one of each others shoes in there hand. Will be ask a series of
questions and you hold up the appropriate shoe to answer. Like who will control the Remote to the TV.
Towards the tail end of the meal, we recommend having the toasts, followed by the cutting of the cake,
followed by any dances with parent
Will a toast (or toasts) be offered?
If yes, By whom?
When will the toast(s) be offered?
We strongly suggest that we know exactly who will be expected to offer toasts before-hand so that we can make
sure it doesn't turn into "open Mic night"
Will there be a champagne toast or will guests be toasting with
their beverage of choice or other?
Will there be a cake-cutting ceremony?
What type of music would you like to be
played during the cake-cutting?;
A Few Examples Is: Background music alone (e.g., smooth jazz or soft love song);  “Love & Marriage” by Frank
Sinatra; “Wink And A Smile” by Harry Conic, Jr.; “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole; “When I’m Sixty-Four” by the Beatles;
“How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” by James Taylor or Marvin Gaye;  “Chapel of Love”by the Dixie Cups;
"Sugar, Sugar" by the Archives; "Recipe of Love" by Harry Connick, Jr.;
OR leave up to DJ
We recommend going right from the cake-cutting to the dance floor for any other special dances or to simply
open up the dance floor to all the guests
Will the Bride dance with her father or other appropriate individual?  
If yes, to what song?
Name of person:
Will the Groom dance with his Mother or other appropriate individual?  
If yes, to what song?
Name of person:
Will there be any other special dances?  (Money, In law Dance..Ect,)   
                                                                           If so explain
One of the special parts of the reception is having a dance in which the Bride and Groom are joined on the dance
floor by all of the other married couples. We play a nice romantic slow song and throughout the song, calling off
the number of years of marriage. When couples hear the number of years that they have been married, they are
asked to stand to the edge of the floor. This ultimately leads to the last 2 couples being the Bride and Groom and
then the longest married couple, enjoying the rest of the dance. It is wonderfully sentimental, is a great way to
share the celebration of your marriage with other married couples whose marriages have provided a source of
inspiration to you through the years. Some Brides and Grooms then present a small token to that couple as an
acknowledgment,  e.g., a bottle of wine, a rose to the lady, or in some cases, Brides choose to present their
bouquet to the lady. It is handled with taste, with an air of sophistication, is always a highlight, and is something
we highly recommend.]
Would you like this special dance for all of the married couples, and through the song determining the longest
married couple?
If yes, will the Bride and Groom be presenting
anything to this longest married couple?
Is there a special song that you wish to be played during this Dance?  "Through The Years" by Kenny Rogers;  "Remember
When" by Alan Jackson;  "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole;  "I Cross My Heart" by George Strait;  "Because
You Loved Me" by Celine Dion;  "When I Said I Do" by Clint Black is a few suggestions or pick your own; other
Following the Special dances what is your preference:
we trust you to 'read' the audience and determine the best way to get everyone involved;                                                 

Open up the dance floor to all the guests;                                                                                                                                    

Start off with the wedding party and  have other guests join in.(Recommended)                                                                   
Special Song to Start With
Please list any announcements that you would like us to make or special songs, by title and artist, that you would like
to have played and for what occasion if applicable (e.g., birthdays; anniversaries; parents’ wedding song;
grandparents’ wedding song; a special song for another newly married couple; etc.)You will have a chance later to
give a list of music if you so wish, this is just for special songs that you may want played for an occasion
Are there any songs or types of music that you do NOT want played?
List Here:
Will there be a "throw bouquet" or will the bride throw her bouquet from the ceremony? Also do you want a special song for
this, or leave it up to the DJ?
Will the Groom be throwing the garter?   Yes? No? Also do you want a special song for this, or leave it up to the DJ?
The tradition usually calls for the man who catches the garter to dance with the lady who catches the bouquet. This can be a
lot of fun if handled appropriately by the DJ and Master of Ceremonies. Many couples, however, fear that it could lead to an
embarrassing moment if the lady who catches the bouquet is too shy, too young, etc. We take pride in being able to create a
fun atmosphere but it is only fun if it is NOT done at the expense of someone. We want to do everything possible to create a
fun atmosphere while never making anyone feel uncomfortable. The way we handled this is as follows: when the lady
catches the bouquet, we  will ask for her to stand over to the side while we then find out who catches the garter. During
that time, we will approach the Bride and Groom (off the microphone) and get YOUR opinion as to whether or not it would be
appropriate to go forward with this activity. If yes, then we will approach it with fun, in good taste, and it will be a great
moment to get the guests involved in a fun part of the reception. If you do NOT believe it would be appropriate to have the
man dance with the lady, then we simply pose you with them for a picture then transition right back to the dancing. We
always, try to use discretion and good judgment to set the atmosphere that YOU wish for your reception.] Man who catches
the garter to Dance with the woman who catches the bouquet?
Will there be a last dance? Yes;  No  If yes What Song?
We would like to dance our last dance by ourselves:  

We would like to have everyone join us on the floor for
the "last dance:
In your own words please answer the next two Questions

IN General type of Music that you would like at the reception

Describe the type of Atmosphere that you would like at the

It is our goal to make sure that we have a full understanding of how we best cater our services to what you would like at
your reception. Therefore, we would like to have you write out the scheduled agenda of what is going to be happening
and in the specific order. This way, by planning and going over all the details ahead of time, you can relax and enjoy
yourselves at the reception, knowing that we will have it all under control. We will coordinate this information with the
function manager, photographer, videographer, etc. To make sure that everything flows smoothly.

Possible events – what things might you want to consider when sketching out the agenda below?
Our recommended structure is:
 Bride and Groom finish taking pictures while guests arrive at the reception;
 Cocktail hour;
 Introduction of parents, wedding party, the bride and groom;
 First dance of bride and groom
 Welcome;
 Blessing;
 Service of food;
 Guests singing "Love songs" to get the bride and groom to kiss during the dining time;
 Bride and groom greet guests by visiting tables;
 Toasts;
 Cutting the cake;
 Dances with parents (bride with father, groom with mother);
 Telling of "Your Love Story";
 The Shoe Game
 Open up dance floor for all guests;
 Dance with married couples to determine longest married couple;
 More general dancing;
 Dollar dance (if you choose to incorporate this, it is best done now);
 More general dancing;
 Tossing of bouquet/ removal of garter;
 More general dancing;
 Guests participating in Karaoke (if you choose to incorporate this, it is best done well into the reception);
 Dancing, dancing, and more dancing!
 Bride and groom's last dance (either alone or with all guests);
 Closing circle to allow bride and groom to go around and say a quick goodbye to each of the guests;
 Inviting guests to make a tunnel/pathway through which the bride and groom will exit as you head off as newlyweds!
This is a general structure of what we would recommend. Please sketch out below your preferences and elements that
you wish to include. We will then go through the details with you to ensure that we will be able to effectively carry out
your wishes as your Master of Ceremonies.   

Have fun with the plans!
If you are going with our structure you do not
have to fill in all the events in order. Or if you
just want to change one or two things just let us
know in this space.
Please use the space below to list any songs you want played, or you can leave it totally up to our judgment.
Please Allow a few Minutes for form to Submit. You will
receive a verification page of what was sent. If you want
a copy please copy and save, otherwise The DJ will
have a Copy For You.