Allan Jones
Got first dirt bike at age of 5 wasn't much just a little Honda 50cc but it was enough to see that this was in the blood.
Ran first Hare Scramble at 5 1/2 and realized that this wasn't the bike to race with and thats when we got the first KTM
50 Sr. Raced a few other brands but just didn't have the feel of the KTM'S so that is where we stayed. Running
approximately 75 races a year from 2001-2007 we had our ups and downs but for the most part we had a record that
was second to none. You can see some of the results below. At age 12 our third time in the chopper over accidents
we spent an extended stay in children in ICU for 42 days. When we was healed raced a few races, but my main
sponsor and supporter DAD just didn't like the stress of it. So in a mutual agreement between us we put racing aside
until may of 2014. Thats when we started back in with a fire and dedication that had never left either of us.
Back in the day is was nothing to race 60 to 70 hare scrambles a
season, any given Saturday or Sunday you could find a race, and if you
wanted to stay in the points you better run them both. Gotta give a
HUGE shout out to Moose Racing. Without them we could not have
had the seasons we had. Another big shout out to Jones Trucking
(DAD) He would truck all week, come home Friday night do a rebuild on
the bike so we could race the weekend. I can not remember hardly any
races we missed due to bike failure or foul weather. Back then i thout
it was just the points race we wanted to win, but in the latter years i
started realizing it wasn't just the winning. It was the Comradely of the
racers. I remember Pro riders coming to the starting line and giving
me advise and wishing me luck. Then meeting at the truck afterwards
asking about the track. I thout it was cool then and didn't even realize
till later years that they was actually using what i told them.
First year back in competition in six years. Realized a few things real quick. 1.
You never really forget what you was taught and growing up. When it is a way of
life it becomes happy and it never goes away. 2. Even though you never forget
there is still allot of fine tuning on your skills, and allot more to learn with size
and power from where i left off. Since it has been so long since i have raced in
competition started off in "C" class. Had to prove not only to myself but to every
else that i could come back and would be back soon..
Dist. 11
Humbolt Hills
Thunder in the Hills
50cc Jr
  50cc Sr
50cc Sr
50cc Sr
  50cc Sr
50cc Sr
50cc Sr
  50cc sr
50cc Sr
65cc 7-9
85cc Jr
85cc JR
85cc Jr
85cc Jr
85cc Jr
85cc Jr
85cc SR
  85cc Sr
85cc Sr
85cc Sr
  85cc Sr
85cc Sr
                     Nowadays you can
find me on the same starting line
talking to those little guys getting
all the info i can, and rooting them
I once looked up to them  riders as
hero's and champions of the sport,
Now I see them looking up to me
with them same looks. Kinda odd
in a way but it one of the biggest
factors in my racing today. Passing
on a Legacy, a Passion, and an
Attitude that will keep our sport
Amateur Overall
1st “C” Class (Novice)
5th “C” Class (Novice)
1st “B” Class (Intermediate)
3rd “B” Class (Intermediate)
4 top 5 Finishes “B” Class (Intermediate)
Amateur Overall
1st “A” Class (Expert)
3rd “A” Class (Expert)
No better way to describe it than to say ALL IN
For 2018. We have but together the best
equipment, best supporters and one of the
toughest race schedules imaginable.